Our Services

Communication and Outreach strategy and campaign implementation Event Management, Supply and Logistics support

  • Ushers, Hostesses, Facilitators and Masters of Ceremonies
  • Simultaneous/ Consecutive Interpreters
  • Sound Insulating Booths
  • Simultaneous Translation Systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Pre and onsite registration management and logistics
  • Onsite staffing
  • Food and beverage management
  • Transportation logistics
  • Supplier sourcing and management
  • Venue and hotel booking
  • Budget development and control
  • Events design and conceptualization
  • Full project management

Branding and Marketing Campaigns

  • Television and Radio Campaign

  •  Print Media Campaign

  • SMS & Email Campaign

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Influencers Campaign

  • Contest and Sampling Campaign

Public & Media Relations

  • Writing and distributing press releases

  • Creating and executing special events designed for public outreach

  • Media relations

  • Conducting market research on brand recognition or key messages testing, competition.

  • Boosting clients outreach to their target segments through engaging them in effective networking events

  • Sponsoring at events

  • Copywriting and content creation (profiles, corporate credentials, blogging..)

  • Crisis and Risk Management planning

  • Social media promotions and responses to negative opinions online

  • Corporate Social Responsibility planning